Previous Clients

" I can thouroughly reccommend her as a reliable and knowlegable person who I would not hesitate to invite back to look after my animals etc!
There are not many people willing to travel half way across the country to look after others animals with such good get in quick and book her!"
- Val from somerset.

"Smallholding Sitting Service is ace.
She looked after our smallholding whilst we were away in France during August. It was a huge relief to us to be able to go away and leave the smallholding in such capable hands, knowing that if any problems did arise, they would be dealt with quickly and appropriately.
And Pippa even had a lovely hot meal waiting for us when we returned late from the airport.
Thanks again Pippa, and long may you prosper in her role as the Mary Poppins of the smallholding world!"
- M-J and Gervase, Ceredigion.

" Pippa and her mum did an absolutely fabulous job looking after the animals, the b&b and also running the ark business. The b&b guests thought so to and left loads of positive comments in the guest book. I hope that they return when we go off-roading again.
Thank you both of you and I hope you enjoyed it."
- Linda, from Bidgiemire Pig Co, Scotland.

Smallholding Sitting Service has also sat for The National Trust, Llanerchaeron.